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Introduction to Discussion

Digital health is a critical component in creating a path toward a stronger African health system beyond the pandemic. With reference to the WHO’s building blocks of the health systems, digital health can gradually improve health outcomes, responsiveness to health needs, and reduce the financial burden of the African population.

The existing synergies and connections are starting to create momentum for the digital healthcare space in Africa, though the market potential is still undefined. In recent years, telemedicine and digital mental health have risen in prominence. Remote monitoring and diagnostics, drone deliveries and the benefits of the improved visibility of logistics data are also helping to accelerate the pace of adoption of digital health in the continent.

Patient-centric digital health ecosystems combine the application of digital health innovative solutions and patient-centric care. Patient-centricity, interoperability, patient-first approach, and friendly user experience are key aspects that digital health innovators should have in mind for ideal patient-centric digital health solutions.

The Ponea Health, among others, is one of the digital health initiatives which have a big idea of transforming healthcare with the patient at the center of it.