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Fun Fact
The capital city of Seychelles, Victoria, is about 20 square kilometres in size and can be explored on foot in less than a day

Did you know

Did you Know?
Seychelles is the only country in the world that has granite islands

Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy

74 Years
Life expectancy,
at birth,


Negative 10.8%
GDP growth
rate, 2020


Exported products
Refined oil (USD 262 Million), Processed fish (USD 225 Million), and Non-fillet frozen fish (USD 207 Million), 2019

Imported goods

Imported products
Recreational boats (USD 343 Million), Refined Petroleum (USD 226 Million), and Non-fillet frozen fish (USD 81.1 Million), 2019

Balance of trade

USD 43.9 Million
Balance of trade, surplus,